Romance Scam Recovery Service

Romance Scams don’t just break hearts, hit bank balances but can escalate into devastating circumstances which destroy lives. Some people have their entire life savings swindled, leaving them vulnerable at old age or find themselves groomed into a life of organized crime and drug trafficking and sadly, even worse situations.

The Reality of Romance Scams

In 2022, Americans lost $201 million in online romance scams, nearly a 40% increase over the previous year. All in all, there were over 25,000 reports filed with the Federal Trade Commision. Unfortunately, these numbers are only the tip of the iceberg. Many victims of internet fraud don’t report the crime to authorities. Some victims find it too embarrassing, others write it off as an unpleasant life experience. Many victims assume there is no complaints procedure or ability to prosecute the perpetrators as they operate from overseas in places like Nigeria, Ghana or Russia.
Romance Scam Recovery Services

Romance Scam Support Line

If you have begun noticing warning signs in your online relationship or being frequently requested to send money to your digital partner, stop and contact us immediately.

Types of Romance Scams

Romance Scams are one of many types of internet scams which are used to deceive people into handing over money or personal information which can later lead to identity theft. Romance scams are operated by large organized crime networks and solo opportunists.
Personal Emergency Scams

After trust has been established and a loving relationship has been forged, a personal emergency arises. The scam involves claiming that due to some disaster they need financial support from their online partner. The circumstance of which money is required depends on the person being swindled and what they are likely to agree to. Common excuses include a family member needing medical attention, damage to their home or property which needs urgent repair and many other situations. The goal is to get the victim to send money to their digital companion.

Mail Order Brides

Money is usually paid up front to order a beautiful bride online, brides stereotypically come from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe. However, Mail Order Brides and scams can offer women from anywhere. The catch is that there is no woman interested in a relationship. Victims may be referred to a Mail Order Bride website or the scam can take the form of traditional online dating fraud, with fake profiles being created on standard dating sites or social networks.

How to Identify Romance Scams

Anyone can be the target of a romance scam. The perpetrators are usually very experienced in both psychological manipulation and using online technology to appear to be genuine people while disguising who they really are. Romance Scammers are unscrupulous in their exploitation of the human desire for affection, companionship and a relationship. In the early stages of a romance scam, it can be difficult to see whether the relationship is genuine or whether it is indeed a scam.
  • The victim is usually contacted through social media or an online dating site.
  • The scammer will very quickly confess deep feelings towards their victim.
  • There is always a reason why video calls with the scammer are not possible.
  • A Request for money related to an emergency, such as medical expenses, funeral costs, property repairs.
  • Requests for money can be continuous for different reasons or a recurring reason.
  • The scammer will blame the victim if they are unable or unwilling to make the required money transfer.

We Respect and Protect your Privacy

The sad truth is, we receive complaints about romance scams on a daily basis. Many of these confidence tricksters can be very convincing and we understand that love can make anyone do irrational things, like send money to a complete stranger. If anything it shows strength and compassion and these are the qualities romance scammers exploit. We understand you might be embarrassed about the situation which is why we will always treat your case with strict confidence and respect your boundaries in the pursuit of our investigation and recovery attempts.

How we Investigate Online Fraud

Spectra Finance Security is a leader in conducting cybercrime investigations.
  • We follow the money to the final beneficiary. There is always a trail to follow when money is changing hands, no matter how sophisticated the operation is. 
  • We thoroughly analyze your conversations to look for possible slip-ups that could help identify the con artists. 
  • We search online and through various databases to look for related offences and collect additional evidence from cold cases. 
  • We track the perpetrators down in their own country and either threaten with various actions depending on the best available strategy. 

Contact an Investigator Today

If you even slightly suspect that you, a family member or a friend are being swindled by a romance scammer, contact an investigator today.