Binary Options Recovery Service

Binary Options is a highly controversial investment product. It’s so controversial in fact that many countries classify this product as gambling, not investing. In the last couple of years, most countries have moved to deregulate and outlawing Binary Options trading completely.

How Binary Options Scams Work

Operating a Binary Options Scam is incredibly easy for perpetrators. The fraudsters are able to entice investors with an easy to use investment product where you simply guess if the market will go up or down in a given timeframe. While it feels like you are trading global markets the truth is what you’re doing closer to a slot machine.
Manipulated Price Feed

Binary Options operators are able to control whether you win or lose. Their preference is for you to lose so they can not only take your money but encourage you to try again and again.

Refusal to Payout

You may make a deposit to a Binary Options Broker and possibly they let you win a couple of rounds to gain your confidence. When you decide to withdraw your modest gains you find that’s not actually possible.


After making your deposit you may find that your sales representative becomes unreachable. That’s because this con artist hasn’t even bothered to indulge you with a rigged platform to lose your money on.

Investment Scam Watchlist

Follow our investment fraud warning list to stay up to date on the latest Binary Options and other investment scams.

How to Recover Binary Option Losses

Binary Options fraudsters operate without licenses and from offshore jurisdictions which make it difficult to take legal action. Law enforcement must follow strict rules while investigating financial crimes, which causes investigations to prolong as the case goes cold. Private firms like Spectra Finance Security are able to react quicker. Our ultimate goal is to recover your losses with our Binary Options Recovery Service.

Steps we take

  • Analysis and consultation period
  • Investigate and build a case
  • Execute the strategy
  • Deliver recovered assets

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The FBI estimates that Binary Options scammers steal $10 billion every year. Have you been the victim of a Binary Options Scam? Contact Spectra Finance Security for a free consultation today.